Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What a day!!

What a day! This is going to be a short and simple post because I am about to go to BED (my favorite word by the way).
I had a busy busy busy morning. I had to make food for my sons feast at school. I made Green Bean Casserole.  My son told me that the kids in his class all said that they didnt like green beans. The teacher made them all try a teaspoon of it and not pass it up. Turns out the kids really liked it.
I bought my other son a cookie cake for his class to celebrate his birthday (since it is on Friday and they dont have school that day). He said that was pretty yummy to and a big hit with the class.
The boys got their report cards today and they all did really well. When they get good grades on their report cards I usually take them to get a reward. It was so fun to watch them run around and choose something they want that they have earned. One of my sons got a police helicoptor and hummer, the other one got an MP3 player, and the other one got a Hot Wheels Car Crusher... They are boys for sure.
This is me signing off for the night. I hope everyone has a great night and we will see you in the next post.

Oh and thank you Mom for the great dinner and chat tonight...

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