Monday, November 21, 2011

Is It Good Bye or See You Later?

Happy Tuesday everyone.
Today was a pretty hard day. We had to say Good bye (or see you later) to a dear friend of ours. Our friends name was Carroll and he passed away last Monday. He passed peacefully in his sleep and I am sure is resting in peace with the Lord.
Things that I remember about Carroll...
I always thought that it was funny that a man was named Carroll. I remember having a friend in middle school whos name was Carroll, but she was a female so I always pictured Carroll as a feminin name. Carroll was as unique as his name. He was always happy and telling jokes. I never saw Carroll in a remotly bad mood.
A particular memory that I have of Carroll is when he came to my inlaws for Thanksgiving dinner. He was joking and telling stories the whole time. I remember that he ate like a little bird but when no one was looking, he would down that food. I usually giggled at him while he wasnt looking.
I remember thinking that it was so cool that Carroll had all of his real teeth. No dentures for him. I could see that he took pride in his teeth and they were very good looking.
I will always remember Carroll for the fun loving great person that he was. R.I.P. Carroll. You will be missed my friend.

On a lighter note, I made my first loaf of consumable bread. I had made a loaf of bread in my breadmaker before that came out weighting about 20 pounds and was so gummy that I am sure bubble yum would have hired me to make bread flavored gum. I think I am going to make the kids some chocolate chip bread, and maybe some cinnimman (spelling???) swirl bread for breakfast.

 As I was thumbing thru the news websites last night, I came across an amazing photo. If someone can really do this, I envy them. This is truely amazing.
Well my lovies, I am going to sign off now so that I can get some food in my belly... Oh, grades are still not posted yet but they did finally add some financial aid to my account, so thats a plus... alright, I am signing off for real now. Have a great night everyone and remember, everytime you hear a bell ring. Another angel gets its wings. Love you Carroll.

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