Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Is that her blog???

Hey everyone!!!
It has been a while since I have posted a blog and yes, I did say that I was done writing my blogs but for some odd reason I have had MANY requests lately for me to "bring the blog back". So this is my test run. If enough people read my blog, I will bring it back.

So, what has changed since my last post?? TONS!!! As most of you know, I now live in Colorado. We made the journey to Colorado so that I could start my internship at the Public Defenders office here. I start that part of my life in about two weeks and I cant wait to get started!! It has been a long awaited process. I cant speak much about it but I think we are going to be taking on the James Holmes case (if you dont know what that is, google it) which should be exciting.

For the past, ohhhhh seven years I have had blonde hair. Well the other night I colored it brown. Here is a funny story behind that. I was looking the newspaper here in Colorado and saw that they were looking for models who were willing to take pictures to be in pamphlets and brochures, and basically represent Loveland, Colorado. So, I got a wild hair and decided to send in some pictures. To my absolute shock, out of 156 people that submitted photos, they picked ME to do the photo shoot. I bought some hair dye thinking "what are the odds that they will pick me?" So I went and colored my hair brown (remember, the photos that I submitted were of me when I had blonde hair) so I colored my hair and not two seconds after I stepped out of the bathroom with my new found brown hair, my phone rings. Its them calling me to tell me I got the modeling job (p.s. I will post some photos once they send them to me). CRAP!! Good thing they were okay with the brown hair and the photo shoot went off without a hitch.
                            (this is a horrible picture by the way but I wanted to show my brown hair)

Alright friends, I am going to call this a complete post and we will see how it does.
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Thanks for reading guys and gals....
Hope to "see" you again soon!!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

The End...

Well folks, I have said it before and I am sad to say that this is it..
This is going to be my last blog post. I will try to keep doing YouTube videos but as for my blog, this is 
the last blog that I am going to post. While it has been fun and I have enjoyed sharing my daily 
activities with everyone, I have come to the conclusion that this just isnt for me. For those of you 
who know me know that if it isnt for me, I stop what I am doing and take a different road in life.

I started this blog on November 11, 2011 and I was so excited to get started. We made it to 200 posts and 
that was my goal. I want to thank you all for taking this journey with me and taking the time out of your day 
to hear about mine. 
Thank you for all of the encouragement that everyone has given to me when making this choice to stop doing 
this blog. Many of you dont want to see it go but this is something that I have to do for me.
You can still find tips and tricks and things that you would find here on my other Facebook page 
Amber Hines7 (be sure to like the page)
and keep watching out for those videos on YouTube.
Again, thank you for joining me and taking this little life adventure with me and I look forward to seeing 
you when I take my next adventure in life. 

I leave you with the original little teddy bear photo that I used to end my blogs with every night. 
Goodnight & Sweet Dreams....
XOXO Amber

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Tuesday everyone!!
I didnt post a mid day blog earlier today because I was busy posting a new
video. This video is kind of fun. I kind of let loose and laugh a little
more in this one. Here is a hint as to what the new video is about..

So for dinner tonight I made a little something called Chicken Lasagna. According to my
taste buds and the other people in my house it didnt taste to bad. I found it on a website when
I was looking for something easy and cheap to make for dinner.

For some, teeth bleaching just isn't an immediate option—maybe you have caps, or you have super-sensitive teeth, or you just can't deal with the peroxide flavour. But you can still make your teeth look brighter with makeup. No, not on your teeth—the right lip colour and some skin-tone enhancement will do the trick

Every now and then I come across some odd stuff or people tell me about some odd things.
Today I was looking at some chairs and came across one that I am not even sure how to
sit in. This is one of those chairs that cost $23,000 and you cant even sit in it without
putting your body in some odd position.... see for yourself
Thats it everyone. I hope you all have a great rest of the evening and a wonderful day tomorrow.
Enjoy the great weather, its almost time to start watering the yard again. I cant wait to see all the pretty flowers that bloom outside of my kitchen window........ Anyways, have a good night and

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Evening!!

Hey folks!!
I hope you all had a fantasic Monday!!
My son had a "horrible" Monday according to him.
Today he decided to play "slide on the ground with my face". That is a game that
I dont think he will be playing anymore.
If you read my blog yesterday you will know that my husband raked up a ton
 of leaves from our yard. Today the kids and I took them to the "Green Dumpster"
as we call it. The Green Dumpster is the dumpster that you take your recycling too.
It is more like the dumpster that you take your tree branches and leaves too so that
it can be recycled into mulch and used around the community.
I am interested to know what you guys think of 3D nails. I remember when I first saw
them in a Youtube video and I had no idea what I thought about them. I dont think that I like them
because they are way to bulky and I think that they would catch on everything. Not to mention that they would weight your fingers down. To each his own, I guess.
In conclusion I would like to say that You Are Beautiful and I admire you! Thank you for being you
and thank you for taking the time out of YOUR day to hear about MINE.


Happy Monday everyone!!
Ya know, some people dont like Mondays but for us stay at home moms,
we LOVE mondays!! The kids go back to school, the husband goes to work
and I get the house all to myself. I can get things done without any interuptions.
BUT here is a little something for those of you who dont like Mondays

I spent the morning hanging out with my mini me. She goes back to Nebraska today
so we enjoyed eachothers company before she heads back. Next month is the start of her summer
break so the next time she comes back will be for the summer!!! I prepare all year for the summer
time because it is very crazy arond here during the summer.

In between hanging out we did some laundry. My oldest son had laundry in his hamper
that had been in there for at least 3 weeks. SICK!! For some reason he
wouldnt bring his laundry down to me so it was pilled sky high. SOOOOO, guess who gets to
fold and put away his heeping pile of laundry, thats right, HIM.
I was asked the other day what I use in my laundry to keep my clothes smelling
"yummy and like flowers", so here is what I use....
This combination not only keeps your clothes smelling good but it also keeps
the house smelling good.
Well thats it for now friends, I have to go so that I can figure out what is for dinner tonight.
I am thinking about making something fun and tasty, thats the best kind of food.
Have a great day!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Today was a good day

Happy Sunday!!!
What a great, productive, and beautiful day today!!

My husband and I got tons of things done today.
While the kids were at church we did some spring cleaning.
My poor husband got to take on the yard. We have a BIG tree in our
yard which stinks when it comes time to rake up the leaves, but like a trooper
he went out there and raked them all up. 15 bags later, all of the leaves are bagged and ready to go
to the green garbage dumpster.
 While my husband was hard at work on the yard, I was inside cleaning up our bedroom,
after about six loads of trash to the dumpster later, the closet was cleaned out. That was my big
task of the day. That thing has needed to be cleaned out since we moved in here. It has kind of been our "catch all spot". After I was done with that I did some odd jobs around the house like, vacuum, took
the dishes out of the dishwasher, laundry and cleaned out the fridge.
My husband and I stopped for some lunch and a break which quickly turned into lunch and
a nap. Guess we wore ourselves out.
All the while my favorite summer drink was outside brewing.
(The dent in the container that you see is what happens when you wash things in the
dishwasher that arent supposed to go in there)
Funny story: I have to put the tea on the hood of my car to brew because that is the
only place where the sun shines all day long. If I put it ANYWHERE else, I would have to go out and chase the sun with it.
All in all it was a good day!
Disclaimer: This song has naighty words in it and talks about some "adult" naughty things. If hearing that stuff in a song isnt your thing, PLEASE DONT CLICK THE LINK.

Since its on a positive note, lets go ahead and end this blog. I hope everyone has an amazing week and keep any eye out for my new video this week.
*~* Amber *~*

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Post

Happy Saturday everyone!!
Today has been a nice relaxing day. We are sitting here with the window open and enjoying the fresh air

I got to spend some quality time with a couple of my kids today. We did some crafty stuff and made some things for their bedroom. I had a good time and it was fun to see them have a good time as well. Here is a look at some of the things that we did. P.S. we hung our stuff from the celing that way we could display our art work
We took a little trip to the store earlier and on our way to pick up a couple of our kids from grandma and grandpas house, we saw a bicycle built for two. I love those things. As soon as you see them you get that little jingle that goes thru your head
What a beautiful day!!!!