Sunday, December 11, 2011

The weekend went by way to fast.

Hello all, today is December 11th and that means....14 days until Christmas. I hope everyone got their shopping done this weekend. 14 days means that there are only TWO weeks until Christmas. Holy Smokes.
Today was a much better day then yesterday. I actually got some relaxation time in and got some stuff done that I wanted to get done (which wasnt really much but there were a few things).
My husband is a little upset today because the Raiders didnt do so well.  Althought they played the Packers which is a really good team. We will get 'um next time I guess.
Today is Sunday which means Coupon day. I was able to find some really good coupons that I cant wait to use. I like the coupons this time of year because they have good deals on things that they thinks people will get others for Christmas, like gift baskets for example. I got some inspiration for what I want to do for some of my family for Christmas that wont cost an arm and a leg. I will have to post what the idea is later cuz I cant spill the beans before Christmas.
Since the boys' Father is bringing them all the way back home tonight, my husband and I did an FFY (fend for yourself) or BYOB as my hubsand called it, LOL. He got a Pizza with Wings and I got some shrimp with coctail sauce. It was a pretty good dinner over all.
 Well I am about to head into my 3rd week of helping this guy out and I think that it is about to come to an end soon. My job should be done; most likely, this week. At the company Christmas party last night, the manager offered me to stay an extra week and help them crush up the rock that I have been cutting in half and bagging for others to crush. We will have to see how that goes. I am kind of ready to get back to my regular normal life but I also like making the money.

I guess it is time for me to get to finishing my last assignments for this week for my classes. I have one quiz in each class that I have to finish and then my work will be complete for this week. I checked out my assignments for next week and they are pretty easy. Then we have a week off for the Christmas holiday, which I am looking forward to. One less thing to have to worry about for one week.
I hope everyone has a great week this coming up week. Stay warm and make sure that you put a smile on someone's face at least one time everyday this week. Hug your children and tell them you love them. Call someone and tell them you are greatful for them. And do one act of random kindness.

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