Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Monday!!

Happy Monday everyone!! What a busy day for the world today.
First and foremost, I am sure that we are all aware that it is MLK day. All of the banks and business were closed but the kids had half day of school and the hubby had work. Stuff like that baffles me.
  Another event that is going on in the world today is that it is Blue Monday.
Blue Monday is a name given to a date stated, as part of a publicity campaign by Sky Travel, to be the most depressing day of the year. It is considered pseudoscience. Sounds very fitting for a Monday.

And finally.... we have to hear about the Golden Globe Awards all day today. The most annoying things about having to hear about the Golden Globe awards are those shows that talk about what everyone is wearing. The Golden Globes are about awarding people for their work, not bashing them for what they wore. Oh and some of these people who they call the "fashion police" need to go back to the wardrobe academy because they have no idea what they are talking about.
Here is a funny photo for your viewing enjoyment....
 So today I was putting the laundry away and lost my footing and fell down. It was not so fun. I ended up stubbing my big toe really bad and ripping off about half of my toe nail. Disclaimer: I have very ugly, very hairy feet. I about to show a photo of my toe but it is not a pleasant photo. My feet are very ugly....... I WARNED YOU!!

This is another injury to my already injured foot. I should have been wearing my boot but I have been trying to wear it less and less so that I can get out of it and get on with life. I keep scrolling up and trying to decide if I should actually post the picture. I am so embarrassed of my ugly feet but such is life.
I was so sad today when I could not find my second snow boot. I looked all over and just could not find it. I love these snow boots, they are so ugly but they are mine and I love them.
 So after I was done shoveling the sidewalk I was able to find my second snow boot (go figure). For my good deed for the day I decided to pay it forward by shoveling my neighbors sidewalk as well. She is such a sweet lady and always makes it a point to say hello when she sees me so I thought since I was out there already and all bundled up, I would go ahead and shovel her sidewalk as well.
 So here is a challenge for everyone. Tomorrow, I would like every person that reads my blog to do one nice thing for someone. I know that we already had a pay it forward week on facebook but I think we should all do it again. I honestly think that we should be doing at least one nice thing for someone everyday. My kids think that I am the worst person ever because when they are not so kind to people I make them say that they are sorry and do one nice thing for the person that they were not so kind to. They should be doing that anyways!! We will get them there. Alright everyone, I hope you all have a fantastic night and a great day tomorrow. It sure is snowy outside so those of you that drive, drive safe!!!

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