Sunday, January 8, 2012


Happy Sunday everyone!
Would it shock you to know that Sunday is the most disliked day of the week? My husband would tell you that the only thing Sundays are good for is for watching football. Him and our son watched some football today. It was good to see them hang out together.
From what I hear the Broncos won today which I guess was a good thing for them. There is no Bronco pride in our house. We are all Raiders all the time. I dont think you can go a single place in our house and not see something that represents the Raiders.

Anyways...... the sleep over went well last night. My kido was pretty grumpy today which leads me to believe that they were up much earlier then I think they were.... They had a blast playing outside today. In fact, that is what they did most of the day today. It was pretty cold but they held it out. It was good to hear them giggle and have fun.

My computer was having issues earlier and I was not able to sign on to anything. I was worried that my lap top had given up on me. That was pretty scary. I had to make sure to finish up my school work. It would have been horrible if I would not have been able to get that done.

So while I was thinking of something fantastic to say about what we had for dinner, I came across this picture and thought that I would share it.... and yes we had pizza

and  if anyone is wondering what I suggest for a before bed snack.... see following picture (these are soooo good).

Alrighty all, I am going to sign off of here so that I can get my other stuff done and head to bed. Have a great night and an even better Monday tomorrow.

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