Monday, January 9, 2012

Ugg what a Monday!

Hello everyone,
I had a total case of the Mondays today. I now see why Monday is the most disliked day of the week. Not just because most of us have to go back to work but because Monday just sucks!!
So I made a cute picture today that may actually be me some day in real life. Except I think that I am going to have to become a probation officer because I am sure that there is a person in my family that is going to need me for that purpose some day. Its sad to say but I think that it is true. I hope not but only time will tell.

I know that people always say that being a parent is hard work but I never expected it to be this hard. It is a daily struggle sometimes and I am often left empty and hopeless by the end of the night. I sure hope that things get easier and kids get older. However I always hear that as they get older things get harder. That is something that terrifies me.

During my day today (before all the drama started) I was able to film a couple of videos on youtube. I now have (I think) 13 videos on youtube and I just love making those videos. I have so much to say and share with the world and that is one way that I get to do that.

I also washed the sheets and blankets on my bed today. I used all of the good smelling stuff so that they smell good. I cant wait to climb into them tonight and just lay there and sniff them. Clean, nice smelling sheets and blankets make me happy.

So our youngest little boy turns 6 years old in 8 days (if you dont count today since today is almost over). Whenever one of my childrens birthdays comes around it seams like they were just born yesterday. Its like when our 11 year old turned 11. I had a silent break down. only 7 more years with him until he can move out and leave if he wants to. My how time flies.
Alirghty everyone, here is to a great day tomorrow. I am going to get the kids ready for bed and then chillax for a while.
Oh and if anyone is interested in watching my goofy videos on youtube it is under AmberHines7. But if you watch, please make sure you subscribe.

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