Thursday, February 23, 2012


Happy Thursday everyone!!!
Today was a pretty busy day for me. Thursdays usually are busy for me but today for some reason was extra busy. I used to be busy all the time and everyday but then I feel and hurt my foot, twice. Then my mini van broke down and I was not able to leave the house that often. That man me manage the things that I had to do and narrow it all down to getting done one or two days out of the week. Now that I have a car I am able to get out and do the things that I need to do daily...... I have no idea why that information was so important that I needed to share it with you but, hey its my blog right?!?

I found a funny picture today posted by one of my friends on Facebook. This about sums up what it looked like outside today.
We have to head out of town tomorrow so we had to put some gas in the Suburban. That almost broke the bank. I think that it is completely unfair to consider a gas guzzlers tank full only when it is a quarter of a tank PAST the full line.

We finally got my husbands car back from the car doctor today. Oh, in case I didnt update before, he didnt get his car fixed the last time it was there because the roads were closed and they didnt get the parts in when they were supposed to. So we brought the car back home. They called him this morning and said that the parts were in and they were ready to fix his car. Anyways, we got it back today and he says that it rides much better. There are still tons of things that we need to do to make it all better but the Suburban needs some breaks and tires pronto. My ABS is activating when I am on dry ground. Big indication that the breaks need fixed. The scary thing is, when my mini van went out of commission, the breaks when out and that was a very scary experience for me. I was coming off of the interstate and they stopped working at the exact time I had to turn a corner...... going about 60 mph.... scary stuff.  You know how you can be sick for days but as soon as it comes time to go to the doctor you start feeling better. All of the moons must have been aligned just right because this is the first morning and day that the car started without having to be jumped. It must have known somehow that it was headed to the doctor today.

I also wanted to mention that we have a very busy weekend ahead of us so I may not post another blog until Monday. This is the weekend that it is just myself and my husband since the kids are going to be gone. We have to go out of town tomorrow, Saturday, and again on Sunday so I think I am going to enjoy what free time I have this weekend on other things, like getting my finals done, yuck.

Well everyone I am going to call it a night and get this posted. I hope you all have a great day tomorrow. Stay warm and safe guys and gals..... Oh and dont forget to check out my video if you havent checked it out already. I think that it is the one that is posted above this entry (if I did it right).... have a good night!!

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