Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday.... need I say more?

Today was a decent day. I kept myself busy most of the day. I had to finish my final exams and a final project for school. I am officially on Spring Break from school. Such an odd time to have Spring Break being how it is still Winter and all.
This weekend was pretty busy as well. Friday was a day full of running errands and taking the kids out of town for a visit. Saturday resulted in lots of traveling. We first went to Brighton, Colorado to drop off a car and then we headed to Cheyenne, Wyoming to grab some lunch. On the way to Cheyenne the Suburban was giving us some issues so we had to stop at a shop and have it checked out. Turns out everything was fine enough to get it back home but I am taking it into the shop here in town tomorrow to get it checked out. I think it is an easy fix but an important fix none the less.
I was on my facebook page the other day and the little icon on the right side of the screen said something about buying a jelly fish tank. You bet your ass I clicked on it and it was the coolest thing ever. EXCPET the price, $445.00 for a home jelly fish tank. What the heck!?!?! No thanks....
So, there are some people out there who love their pets very much. I mean how could you not love your pets.....BUT there is one place where we should all be drawing the line. Never ever ever let your dog lick your face. They say that dogs have cleaner mouths then humans. Here is what one person has to say about the topic:
Dogs mouths are cleaner than humans. The enzymes in their saliva kill more bacteria and germs than humans do. That said, at any given time, they may have something in their mouths that they havent had time for their mouths to clean up. Therefore you will get a "dirty" kiss if they lick you.
Here is my opinion on the matter......
Somehow I was able to get up to me ears in laundry. My hamper was full and then the boys decided that they would try to bring me their hampers........ no to worry, I have an opinion about that as well.

The kids were supposed to have half a day of school today. I can thank my lucky stars that it was actually a full day of school. Usually when they have half a day of school the school lets the kids out at 11:30 a.m. It was about 1:15 when I thought about the kids having half a day of school. There was a rumor going around that they changed it to a full day of school but I had not confirmed that with the school. After my breif moment of panic I called the school and indeed it was a full day. Thank goodness because they would have been out there waiting for me for hours at this point. Dodged that bullet.
Well everyone, I am going to call it a night. I hope you all have a great day tomorrow, as for me I will be taking my car to the shop and draining the rest of the bank account, not cool!!


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