Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Hump day!!!!!!

Hey everyone,
Happy hump day!! I love Wednesday's because it is the middle of the week AND TAPS/Ghost Hunters is on.
There really wasnt much interesting that happened in my day today. I mostly stayed home and finished getting caught up on housework that needed done. The one time I ventured out of the house before everyone got home was to get the tags, titles and sales tax taken care of for mine and my husbands cars. I love when I am luck enough to get a new car, dislike when I am lucky enough to have to pay the sales tax and such.
The second time that I ventured out of the house today was this evening when my husband and I (and the kids) went to take the cars to get washed. They look so much better now that they are all clean........ and I am sure that since we washed the cars, it is going to rain. I checked the weather forcast before we went to wash them and we still have a week until we are supposed to get rain but we all know how Mother Nature likes to mess with us once you wash your car.
(I love how my car shines when it is all clean)
Here is a photo that I saw today that litterally made me snort. This is the funniest thing. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Lately I have seen this rediculous commercial on TV for a hands free system. It is basically a head band for woman with a suction cup on one side. The idea of the hands frees system is that you "simply place your phone on the suction cup and talk while getting other things done". This is more of my kind of hands free. Not a bad price either, LOL.
Here are some words of encouragment for those of you that are having a bad day or plan on having a bad day.
Dont forget to check out my new video that I made today, I will post it below. I will also post the link just in case it doesnt work. It is about all of favorite things that I got while I was in Las Vegas. We had such a good time while we were there and I cant wait to go back. I think I am going to start a savings account now for our next trip.
Have a good night everyone.......

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