Monday, March 19, 2012

We are back!!

Hello everyone,
Welcome to the first blog since we have been home. We got back from Las Vegas yesterday evening. I dont think I can put it into words how wonderful that vacation was. Thank you Stacy and Jake, for joining us in some gambling and going to Madame Tussauds. I had fun with you guys. Thanks for being my best friend for all of these years Stacy. I love you girl! Car car COP!!!!!! and walking around in our Stacy Adams shoes. I have never glued my finger together and then attempted to get up on the top bunk without comming unglued with anyone else!! ;)
Thank you Melinda, for being our tour guide AGAIN. Thank you for taking time away from your kids and sweety to play tourist with us. I officially "people watched" for the first time. I love how I walk away from our visit with you with a whole new look at life. I love how I remember that girl that used to let me pay her $20 to drive her car without a licence and see the wonderful young lady you are today. You truly inspire me and I am so happy I get to call you my friend.

I thought I would go ahead and throw some pictures in here that I havent already posted..... enjoy some more of my vacation...
                                                                     SO YUMMY
                                       COME TO FIND OUT, HER BOOBS ARE FAKE!
                                                THE CASE TO MY NEW SUNGLASSES
And finally one that I have already posted but LOVE!! This picture was taken on March 13th. This was by far the best day that I think we had while we were in Vegas.  This day was truely great. I havent seen my husband smile or be this happy in a long time.
Thank you Joe, for making this an amazing vacation with great memories that I will cherish forever. Thank you for letting me spend money on me. I have never felt as good about myself as I do now. You let me cut my hair off and then buy myself some more. You are awesome!! Thank you for loving me and sharing the wonderful time together that we had. I love you so much.
Have a good night everyone.....

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