Thursday, March 29, 2012

Its finally Thursday!!!

Hey everyone!! Welcome to the new and improved (and my prettier) blog. I hope you all had a good day. My day was pretty busy. The little one and I were out and about all day long getting stuff done.
Here is the great deal that I found today....

It is called a Jabra CRUISER2. The Cruiser2's Bluetooth connectivity allows it to wirelessly interface with any Bluetooth-enabled cellphone, broadcasting music and voice through its integrated speaker or through your car's sound system by way of its built-in FM transmitter. Meanwhile, its dual microphones allow the Cruiser2 to better pickup voice while Noise Blackout technology helps to reduce ambient sound while keeping voice quality intact. This thing retails at $99.99 BUT I found it in the clearance bin at the Verizon store for $25, yes please.
The Monte Carlo has always been my favorite car. It is big, beefy, and beautiful!! My first car was a 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo and I loved it. I actually cried when I blew the engine in it from running right out of oil (TIP: always keep up on your oil changes). I think if I were to have a Monte Carlo today, this is what it would look like.... (stole from a friend off of facebook)
Here is another rant about the gas prices. To be honest, I knew that the Suburban was going to cost a lot of money in gas and I am okay with that. I just think that it is funny when people send me picture and ask me if I can relate because I drive a BIG Suburban. It really isnt that bad on gas.
I am pretty excited for tomorrow. My little lady and I are going to get our nails done..... FUNNY STORY.... I went into the nail salon today to ask about the prices to get my nails fixed up. I asked them if they could paint my little ones nails to keep her busy while I get my nails done (this whole time the lady never looked up once to look at me). Before I walked out, the lady (finally) looked up at me and said "oh, you want your eyebrows done too?" I gave her an odd look and said "no, why do I need to get them done?" she replied with yes. I asked her how much it was and she said she would do it for free. Thanks..... for the backhanded compliment lady....... so, they are going to paint the little ones nails for free and wax my eyebrows for free. Lets see how good they do before I mention their name... It really was funny though. I was offended with the comment at first but walked out giggling about it.
Thats it everyone, have a great night and we will see ya in the next post.

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