Friday, March 30, 2012


Happy Weekend everyone.
Sorry that this post is posted so late but I wasnt going to do a blog tonight...... but I am a girl and if not for just that reason alone.... I changed my mind.
What an awesome day I had. I got to have a girls day with my little one today. We spent the morning cleaning up the big plastic container that WAS full of Kool-Aid mixed with some water. It. was. EVERYWHERE!! Then we went and got our nails done. She got hers painted BRIGHT pink! They look so cute and she is so proud of them. Ok I said that I would tell you guys the name of the place that I went to depending on how good or bad of a job they did. The name of the nail salon is called Top Nails and Spa. The reason why I am letting the cat out of the bag as to where I went is because these guys were awesome. My eyebrows came out great, btw. Anyways, they were great because my (step) daughter told the lady who was doing her nails that she wants to be a Cosmetologist when she grows up. As soon as the lady was done doing my (step) daughters nails she asked her if she wanted to help her with her next appointment. Of course my darling was super excited. Her eyes lite up and she got the biggest smile on her face. The lady came in for her appointment and the worker and my kido got right to work. The worker told my lady everything that she was doing, why she was doing, what it was called, and what the product would do. Kudos, BIG Kudos to Top Nails and Spa. Today is a day that my itty bitty is going to remember for a long time.
 and in case you didnt see it earlier here is a photo of what my eyebrows looked like right after I got them done and then what they looked like after the redness went away. Dont worry, I giggled at myself too.
After we got our nails done we came home and had some lunch. Well, she had lunch, I sat with her and got some emails taken care of. But we had a wonderful chat about why all cats arent brown like Sassy. Then we watched Curious George on Netflix. After our rest we went up to the store and got some things that I wanted to pick up before the weekend. That way I wouldnt have to go into town at all during the weekend. Lazy?? A little. We got home just in time to meet the boys as they were getting off of the bus. What a great girls day we had.
When I was in Las Vegas I vowed that I was going to go on a diet. I havent started that diet yet because I think people need to diet when they know they are ready. Otherwise it isnt any fun and you never want to do it again. Oh lets back up a few steps. About two months ago my friend posted about quitting smoking. I told him that if he quit smoking then I would too. Some stuff happened and the not smoking plans got delayed. I get a text today saying that he is ready to try again. CRAP! That awkward moment when you have to decide if you want to quit smoking or go on a diet. But I think I can do both if I get myself one of these.
Here is tonights "gas price pun". According to this the price of gas at the time of this purchase was $4.16 a gallon. I dont have this big of a gas tank but I wouldnt be shocked some day to see this price when filling my tank.
Thats it everyone. I am going to call it a night so that I can get this posted. Have a great weekend everyone and I will post again on Monday.

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