Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Tuesday everyone!!
I didnt post a mid day blog earlier today because I was busy posting a new
video. This video is kind of fun. I kind of let loose and laugh a little
more in this one. Here is a hint as to what the new video is about..

So for dinner tonight I made a little something called Chicken Lasagna. According to my
taste buds and the other people in my house it didnt taste to bad. I found it on a website when
I was looking for something easy and cheap to make for dinner.

For some, teeth bleaching just isn't an immediate option—maybe you have caps, or you have super-sensitive teeth, or you just can't deal with the peroxide flavour. But you can still make your teeth look brighter with makeup. No, not on your teeth—the right lip colour and some skin-tone enhancement will do the trick

Every now and then I come across some odd stuff or people tell me about some odd things.
Today I was looking at some chairs and came across one that I am not even sure how to
sit in. This is one of those chairs that cost $23,000 and you cant even sit in it without
putting your body in some odd position.... see for yourself
Thats it everyone. I hope you all have a great rest of the evening and a wonderful day tomorrow.
Enjoy the great weather, its almost time to start watering the yard again. I cant wait to see all the pretty flowers that bloom outside of my kitchen window........ Anyways, have a good night and

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