Friday, April 20, 2012

Hello everyone!!
I am posting my blog now because it is Friday and we have plans for the night. I just thought I would post this now so that I didnt skip out on a blog.

Soooo, I went and got my hair done today. I think I really like it. It certainly is different then what I am used to but it looks just like I wanted it to.
The girl that did my hair was so kind and I will be going back to her for sure.
Here is a before and after for those of you who did not know what it looked like before.
Going back a step to last night...
I did the ear wax candles last night. I swear I had super sonic hearing last night. My ears felt so much better after I did them. Everyone should do those as often as safly allowed.
Well friends, I have to get this posted because I have to get the kids their dinner and then head off to our last night of bowling for this season. Then we are done for the summer, well, except for next friday which is fun night and pay out night. THAT night is fun too. Anyways, on a final note I want to wish my Dad and Brother in Law a very Happy Birthday!!

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