Thursday, April 19, 2012

mid day check in

Hello everyone!!!
I just wanted to do a kind of mid day check in to tell you about my day so far and then share something we did last night.
So lets start with what we did last night. My husband did the candle ear wax thing. I was not able to do it because we didnt have enough time so I get to do it tonight but my husband said that he can hear much better and he feels so much better after doing it. Here is a snapshot of what it looks like when it is being done.
So after I got up this morning I did some stuff around the house that I normally do and then I headed out to get my second Mystic Tan. I have the same results this time that  had last time. I started seeing results right away. Next time I am going to try a spray tan at a different place (my friend gave me a coupon for a different place and you know I will be using that coupon, lol).
After my tan I met ym husband so that we could complete an errand that we had to do and then we has some lunch. I always love having lunch with him. After lunch I went and ran some more errands, came home, made a video for you guys (that will be uploaded next week) and now I am here updating you guys about my day.
I hope the rest of your day and my day goes well. Thanks for reading this guys and gals and keep an eye open for next weeks video.

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