Thursday, April 19, 2012 after I finished writing my blog earlier I uploaded and somewhat edited my video.
Since I already posted a video for this week, I will be posting it next week for everyone to enjoy.

So, some of you may have read about the good deed that my husband and I did today so here is the story about that. My husbands brother (my brother in law) has been purchasing our other house from us for the past year. He works very hard and has done many improvements on the house since he has lived there.
A couple of months ago my husband and I were talking and we decided that for my brother in laws birthday we were just going to give him the house and conider it paid in full. We figured that since we dont have a house payment or a car payment and we are comfertable in life right now, we didnt need the money that he was paying us for the house, and gave it to him. He is now the proud owner of mine and my husbands first home that we bought togther.
Now that my Mystic Tan has set in, I look so bronzed. I think I got darker this time then I did last time. All in all, I like it.
Well, I guess I am going to call it good for the night. Gotta make sure that the kids are getting in the shower and ready for the day tomorrow. Then I am going to do my wax candles!!! (I am so excited)
"See" you tomorrow everyone! Have a great rest of the evening and a wonderful day tomorrow. I have two kidos that have an appointment tomorrow and then I get to get pampered.
LOL, have a great day.

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