Monday, April 23, 2012


Happy Monday everyone!!
Ya know, some people dont like Mondays but for us stay at home moms,
we LOVE mondays!! The kids go back to school, the husband goes to work
and I get the house all to myself. I can get things done without any interuptions.
BUT here is a little something for those of you who dont like Mondays

I spent the morning hanging out with my mini me. She goes back to Nebraska today
so we enjoyed eachothers company before she heads back. Next month is the start of her summer
break so the next time she comes back will be for the summer!!! I prepare all year for the summer
time because it is very crazy arond here during the summer.

In between hanging out we did some laundry. My oldest son had laundry in his hamper
that had been in there for at least 3 weeks. SICK!! For some reason he
wouldnt bring his laundry down to me so it was pilled sky high. SOOOOO, guess who gets to
fold and put away his heeping pile of laundry, thats right, HIM.
I was asked the other day what I use in my laundry to keep my clothes smelling
"yummy and like flowers", so here is what I use....
This combination not only keeps your clothes smelling good but it also keeps
the house smelling good.
Well thats it for now friends, I have to go so that I can figure out what is for dinner tonight.
I am thinking about making something fun and tasty, thats the best kind of food.
Have a great day!!

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