Sunday, April 22, 2012

Today was a good day

Happy Sunday!!!
What a great, productive, and beautiful day today!!

My husband and I got tons of things done today.
While the kids were at church we did some spring cleaning.
My poor husband got to take on the yard. We have a BIG tree in our
yard which stinks when it comes time to rake up the leaves, but like a trooper
he went out there and raked them all up. 15 bags later, all of the leaves are bagged and ready to go
to the green garbage dumpster.
 While my husband was hard at work on the yard, I was inside cleaning up our bedroom,
after about six loads of trash to the dumpster later, the closet was cleaned out. That was my big
task of the day. That thing has needed to be cleaned out since we moved in here. It has kind of been our "catch all spot". After I was done with that I did some odd jobs around the house like, vacuum, took
the dishes out of the dishwasher, laundry and cleaned out the fridge.
My husband and I stopped for some lunch and a break which quickly turned into lunch and
a nap. Guess we wore ourselves out.
All the while my favorite summer drink was outside brewing.
(The dent in the container that you see is what happens when you wash things in the
dishwasher that arent supposed to go in there)
Funny story: I have to put the tea on the hood of my car to brew because that is the
only place where the sun shines all day long. If I put it ANYWHERE else, I would have to go out and chase the sun with it.
All in all it was a good day!
Disclaimer: This song has naighty words in it and talks about some "adult" naughty things. If hearing that stuff in a song isnt your thing, PLEASE DONT CLICK THE LINK.

Since its on a positive note, lets go ahead and end this blog. I hope everyone has an amazing week and keep any eye out for my new video this week.
*~* Amber *~*

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