Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Hump Day

What a very long day. Today was one of those days were I didnt have anything planned outside of the house. From the kind of day that I had, I should have just stayed home.
On a good note, I finally got one of those yummy Asiago Ranch Chicken Club Sandwich from Wendys. It was oh so yummy. I was wanting one last night but decided that the wind was way to nasty to be out and about.
After lunch I had to go make a payment on our washer and dryer... shout out to Aarons... then I had to go up to Wal Mart to get some stuff for dinner. On my way up to Wal Mart I noticed that I was smack dab behind a Porta Potty that was sideways in the back of a truck. It was very uncomfirting to think that I was behind a Porta Potty that was laying on its side. Well..... that was the second thing that came to mind. The first thing that came to mind is... I have to get a picture of this so that I can put it on my blog. So without further due..... the sideways Porta Potty

After I get the items that I need from the store, I head back home. I go down the interstate with no problems or issues and they are even playing my favorite song on the radio. Then.... it happens... I am exiting the interstate at the exit to my house and my breaks are not working. I have to take the corner at 60 mph
and then work my way down to a reasonable speed so that I can make my next turn. I was scared out of my mind. I told my husband what happend and thought that I needed break fluid in my car, since my break light was comming on. So.... he checks the break fluid and it is full, LOVELY!! I need new breaks for my car.
My youngest kiddo has been sick for the past few days. He came home today and didnt want to eat his after school snack, which is very unlike him. I gave him some pain medicine and some cough medicine and then sent him to lay down. I then went about my chores around the house until I heard him crying. I went in to ask him what was wrong and he said that when he laid down, his ears hurt him. I knew it was time to get him to the doctor. I called and got him in this evening. We found out that he has an ear infection in both ears and a massive head cold. "Someone" let him play outside in the wind and cold all this past weekend and he got sick. Makes me so mad!! Anyways, we got him some medicine and it seams as though he is doing a little better tonight. I am hoping that he does much better by tomorrow.

My emotions are so up and down today. I cant figure myself out at all. I have started voicing myself a lot more lately and I dont think everyone is liking it so much. In reality, it makes me feel better to just say what I want instead of holding it in which is why I think my emotions are so confused. I used to hold it in and get angry, now I let it out and dont feel so angry. I dont know.....
Well everyone, I am going to call it a night. Have a good one and we will see you in the next post

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