Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today was a very cold day. The wind is still blowing which makes it super cold outside. I think the wind and weather gave my little one a sore throat. He has been coughing all day long and his voice is almost gone. I asked him if he wanted me to call the doctor for him tomorrow and he said "yes please mommy". Poor little guy.
For the past week now we have been telling the kids that they cant come into our room anymore. I have been doing some christmas shopping and of course the kids are asking all day, everyday if they can come into my room for some reason or another. I am sure it is just to sneek a peek at what I have hidden under the blanket in my closet. With that in mind, I made a sign the sits outside our door that tells them that kids cant come into our room until December 25th. Then it has a calendar under it with that we can cross off everyday so that they can see how much longer they have to stay out of my room. When I was explaining to the boys what the calendar was and what it was there for, my little one started crying and said that he thinks that they should be able to come into my room because they love me to much..... nice try.
In my adventures today, I saw the most beautiful thing at Wal Mart. I was getting ready to check out when my phone rang. It was the lady from DFS to tell me that my insurance for the kids is fixed and it should be fixed until it is time to renue. I am not the best multi tasker so I got out of line (to check out) while talking to her. When I was pulling my cart out of the line I looked up and saw my husband (the beautiful thing). Its always nice to see him by surprise during the day. 
Well, I guess I better sign off. My kids are in need of some hot chocolate so I am off to fix that up for them. Have a great night everyone. 

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