Monday, November 14, 2011

What a long day!

Hello everyone,
Today was a pretty long but fun day. I helped my Mom with her day care today. I always enjoy helping my Mom with her day care. I love seeing those cute little faces and it warms my heart when they are happy to see me. Those little babies will always have a special place in my heart.

After my fun filled day at the day care, I got to come home and clean up the hallway. It seams as though my dog left me some gifts, as he always does. We can take him outside to pee and he will come right inside and poo in the hallway. He seriously needs some training.

So, after I cleaned up the hallway..... I did some housework, some facebook, and then checked up on my grades. (I think I have mentioned this before) This is the last week of school and grades should be in next week. I think I am doing pretty good in my classes this time around. I actually check my grades with excitement now. I used to never like checking my grades. School has never really been my thing however without school, I wont have the career that I want, so I keep on truckin'.
The wind is still blowing like crazy here. I think the roads were closed again today because of high winds. Glad that I am not out on the road..... Oh Joe and I got the cutest little letters from our daughter in the mail today. One was a paper that wished us a Happy Thanksgiving (which she will be here for, so that was odd). The other letter wished us a Merry Christmas. I think she did this because we sent her a Happy Halloween card and she (said) she enjoyed the card. She is such a sweetheart. Well, I guess it is time to call it a night. Going to get the kids in bed in about 9 minutes and then it is time to relax. I hope you all have a great Tuesday. last note, Congrats to Tianna and Micheal ~ who got married today, and Happy Birthday to Melissa Anderson!! 

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