Friday, December 16, 2011

Finally Friday!!!

Oh thank goodness it is finally Friday.  The date is December 16th and as you can guess...
I got so dirty while helping out today. First we started with preping some wood to be tested. It was kind of the same thing that I was doing yesterday only the next step that is done to it after we sift it. Then when I was done with that came the fun part. I litterally got to play in coal today. We took it from big pieces of coal down to basically coal dust. My co worker and I had a kick ass system and we busted out 96 samples (which is really good).

While I was helping out today, I was given a Holiday Food basket that was donated by the Hospital. There was a whole box full of everything that we need to make a Christmas feast. Again, another reason why some people just amaze me with their kindness. I mean they gave me a whole feast AND delivered it, who could be luckier then me.
Well, I better get going so that I can prepare my shopping list for tomorrow. I am actually pretty excited to be able to go to the store and stalk up on the much needed things in our house. Its going to feel good when I get to buy two packs of toilet paper instead of just one. Have a great night everyone.

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