Thursday, December 15, 2011

Love the holidays

Hello everyone,
Today is December 15th and that means........
This is going to be a quick post because it is getting late and it has been a long day.
I went to help out today and I was able to take break from the rocks and work with some wood. We sifted the wood about 30,000 times and then someone else preped it to be checked out. They were little wood chips that had to be sifted and weighed.

During lunch my husband and I made a quick trip up to the University to pick up some Christmas gifts. I am so lucky to live in a place were people get together and help eachother in times of need. Thank you to the people who helped make my childrens Christmas special.
After we picked up the gifts we came home to drop them off, take a peak at what they got, change over the laundry and feed the pets. Then it was back to work, sifting more wood. After work was over I had to finish the laudry and start dinner. After dinner we had a Holiday program to attend for the boys. THAT was fun!!
Then we came home, got the kids ready for bed... got them into bed... and then I FINALLY sat down to get on the computer. After responding to emails and doing my thing on Facebook, I am finally here to post my blog for the day.

Make sure that no matter who you are that you respect people's boundaries. You really are hurting no one but yourself. Ohh and always keep a roll of duct tape in your purse so that you can have something to make a physical line when someone crosses the one that you assume they know is there.
Most important...I understand that children want to know what is going on so THEY cross boundaries, that's what kids do. But I expect A LOT more from adults.

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