Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Eve!!

Happy New Years Eve everyone!!
I hope we are all planning on having a safe and happy new years celebration.
For anyone that does plan on bringing in the new year with some adult beverages and cant find a ride home, please keep in mind that Laramie offers free rides home. Here is the information that you might want to put into your phone.
So there should be no reason why people are getting pulled over for drinking and driving. This service is FREE!!
So we went to get our youngest of the litter today. It sure is good to see her. She is getting so tall. We are going to have to move her straps on her carseat up a notch.  We get to enjoy her company for the next 3 weeks. The boys come home on Monday evening and my mini me leaves on Wednesday. I sure cant wait to have the kids (and our family) all together for a day or so.

As we say goodbye to 2011 (which I never really get that emotional about), I want to say that I love my family very much. I am not sure what 2012 would hold in store for me without all of you in my life. I love my children more then life itself and my husband is my world and my rock. From this day a year ago we have all grown a year older, a year smarter, a year stronger and (let face it) a year weaker. None the less, every year and every day is a reason to be the best you can be.

Well, I am going to close this final post of 2011 with a wish that everyone has a great and happy 2012. Goodnight everyone and we will see you next year!!

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