Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy new Year everyone!! I hope we all had a fun and safe night. My mom posted that they gave around 200 people a ride home last night during their Free safe ride program. Hearing that makes me very proud. I am glad that people used good judgement and got a ride home.
I am happy to announce that the boys come home tomorrow. They have been at their Fathers house since Christmas day. It has been odd not having them here. I sure do miss their faces. They still have gifts here that they opened but havent had the time to play with yet. I am pretty excited to see them.

Our little dog is going to a new home tomorrow. He has been a good dog for the most part but he is getting worse and worse with being naughty. I think that he needs a yard to run in and we dont have that. Even though we love him and he will always be a Hines, he needs a yard to play in.

I am going to miss him being excited to see me when I walk in the door but I am not going to miss cleaning up the poop in the hallway everytime I get home and scrubbing the chair that he pees on everyday. I just cant have that kind of stuff in the house when we have little kids that play on the floor.
I think that I am warching the nastiest episode of Hoarding that I have ever seen. I just dont understand how you let your house get that way. Furthermore, how do people keep living in a house like that? It's just sad.
I was very surprised this morning when I opened the Denver Post and there were coupons in there. Usually they dont have coupons in there if it is a holiday and since today is New Years day, I figured that there wouldnt be any coupons. That would have been three weeks with no coupons so I am glad that I got some today.... and they are good ones. I cant wait to go to the store and use them.
And not to be out done...

LOL, have a good night everyone.

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