Monday, December 19, 2011

I sure do have a case of the Mondays

Well hello there, today is December 19th and that means........
Today was Monday for sure. It started off really well, actually, here is a funny story for you (probably not an act that someone is my age range should do but I did it none the less). So the guy that lives across the street from me ALWAYS let his dog pee on my car. This morning was no different, he let his dog out, the dog went straight to my car and peed on it. So I hurried and put the leash on my dog, ran outside to the guys truck and let my dog pee on his car. Mature, NO, funny as hell, YES. The look on his face was golden.
And then it happened. Karma caught me. I was walking into the lab today and was pretty excited to get there because my blades were supposed to be in today and the guy that I have been helping was supposed to be back today. I was excited to get back to work and get my job done. I waltz right up to the door and splat. I fell, slipped on some ice and re injured my ankle. Before I was just in a little boot and this time they gave me a giant black boot. At least they gave me one that I can walk in. The other one that I had left me no choice but to have to use the crutches but this one is meant to walk in.

Since my fall is causing me to be out of work for a while, I am sad to say that I think my last day of work was Friday (it was supposed to be this wednesday). I have to go back to the doctor this friday to see how it is doing but I have to keep the boot on until then at least. I dont think they are going to let me work with the boot on which is why I think that Friday was my last day. So the lesson here is:

I want to say thank you to my husband for taking the day off  to be with me and take care of me, you are the best and....
Here is to hoping for a better Tuesday tomorrow and to staying home from helping and getting some Christmas gifts taken care of. Have a great night everyone.

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