Thursday, December 8, 2011

Its almost Friday!!!

Thank goodness, tomorrow is Friday. I cant wait to sleep in a little on Saturday. As for today, it is Thrusday and that means

Today was a very busy day at the place that I help out at. I had to lift many heavy boxes in the bitter cold. My hands were frozen and it did a number on my back. I am sure that I am building some good back muscles which is great but in the mean time it sure does hurt. I know that you are supposed to lift with you legs and not your back but the boxes are up higher then I am and so I have to lift with my back. I think I may use some Tylenol Cream stuff. That stuff is great and works wonders.
Since the kids are at a dinner and a movie with their grandma (thanks mom) my husband and I decided that we would treat ourselves with some Burger King for dinner. Anyone at Burger King can tell you that I love Burger King and go there often. I have never been so disappointed with my food then I was tonight. My bun was burnt, hard as a rock, they left out the bacon, and my fries were cold. So sad that a place that I love to go to for food just lost a ton of my respect. Anybody want my bun??

My father in law had knee surgery today. It sounds like he is doing good. Just hearing the words "knee surgery" gives me the heeby geebies. I was born with twisted shin bones and they wanted to do surgery on my knees to straighten them out and I was not down for that. Needless to say, I never had that surgery done. Father in law, (cuz I dont use names on my blog) you are a super trooper.
Down with the cold weather!!!
Well everyone I am going to call it a night. The boys just got home and after some emotional chats with my kids after my mom left, I am drained. I am honored that my children know that they can come to me and talk to me about anything in the world. Makes me feel pretty amazing.

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