Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Its Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope we all had a great day! I know I did. I got to spend the whole day with my hubby and we had so much fun. We had to go to Cheyenne and take care of some stuff there. We attended an appointment (my foot is going to be fine, we just need to make sure that I keep my bones strong and healthy, which is what the other doctor said to me yesterday) and then took a stroll around the Mall. We figured since we were in Cheyenne we might as well  make a day of it. After walking around the mall we went to have some chinese food for lunch. There is (almost) nothing I love more in this world to eat then chinese food. I am hooked.
Truth be told, there wasnt much to do in Cheyenne that we havent already done so we decided to drive the extra 30 or so miles to Fort Collins to see what that town was up to. I have to tell you, we found some great deals. I am not going to name prices because I like to keep my financial things on the down low. However, I do have to say that if you hit the stores for their after christmas sales, partner that with the sale that the comapny is having, add a coupon and you have some GREAT things for VERY cheep.
So here are a few things that I picked up for some great deals...

This is the MAC Angel Flame Palette. This was a great deal at Macy's in the mall in Fort Collins.

I also got this MAC Make It Perfect Brush Kit in the Minerlize Collection. You can check MAC's web site for the deal on this bag.
These earring make it look like your ears are gauged out. I have always wanted to gauge my ears but dont really like the look of ears when you take the gauged earrings out. So I got two pairs of these for a great deal as well. Here is what it is supposed to resemble...
Kind of neat but I dont want to make that a perminant thing.

I got a belt alot like this one except mine is black and white and it has skulls on it.

I got a new pair of DC shoes from Ross that were a great deal. I love Ross!!

Our final stop was to wal mart because we all know wal mart has great deals on their chirstmas stuff after christmas is over.

I picked up an eyeshadow kit a lot like this one except mine had some nail polish in it as well. I think I am goign to love this kit (yes eventhough it is from walmart) because I came home, went thru all of my make up, and actually threw a ton of it out. I am starting out fresh with new brushes and new makeup.
I truely have to say that after christmas deals along with mixing and matching other deals is the best!!
So, that is some of the loot that I managed to get today. It sure was a good day but I am ready to get to bed. I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow.

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