Saturday, December 3, 2011


Hello everyone and happy late Saturday!
Today is Decemeber 3rd and that means that there are only 22 days until Christmas. I am thinking that we are going to get the Christmas tree out and put up tomorrow.

I completed my first week of helping the person out that I have been helping. It was a fairly good week but I honestly cant wait to get done. I am ready to get back to my normal life. Being a full time Mom, Wife, Student, and Employee is very hard. I enjoy making the money but I have to down shift my normal schedule before I can take on anymore stuff. It is going to be hard to part with the new friends that I have made while helping out but luckly for me, I live in the smallest town ever and am bound to run into them at some time or another.

My husband and I went to the basketball game tonight. I had tons of fun. I always like going to the basketball games. We are able to get tickets for free to the games because my husbands co worker is da bomb. We won the basketball game AND the football game today. We are on a roll.

and the final score was..........

I leave you all with this thought....


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