Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Monday friends!

Welcome back to my blog everyone. I took the weekend off because we had a very busy weekend planned. For the most part the weekend went well. My mini me made it here to see us this weekend but we had to say See you later to our youngest.

So, whats going on in the world lately?
Well the price of stamps went up to 45 cents. From what I was reading; and heard, about it the price increase is not so that they can pay their postal workers more money, it is to offset the money that they are losing with the flat rate boxes. Score one for the post office.
Today marks the Chinese New Year. From Beijing to Bangkok and Seoul to Singapore, people hoping for good luck in the Year Of The Dragon that begins today are visiting temples and lighting incense, setting off firecrackers and watching street performances.
How many cows do you see?
Dont forget to check out my new video on youtube.

Here is a really cute picture that I saw while I was looking thru pictures last night. I call it "I hung the moon for you".
Well everyone, I hope you have a great day tomorrow. Oh, and make sure you try some India Chai tea. Its the best. It blows the vanilla chai tea out of the water. LOL, have a good night everyone.


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