Thursday, January 19, 2012

One. More. Day

Happy Thursday everyone!!
Today was a pretty good day. Two great things happened today. First things first, my youngest little man turned 6 years old today. I know that everyone says it all the time but I cant believe how time flies. 6 years old already!! He told me today that the worst thing about turning six years old is that now he has to use both hands when he shows people how old he is (so cute). I told him today that he has ten more years until he can drive and he acted like the world was going to end. It was actually pretty cute ( I guess you had to be there).
My son shares a birthday with:
Jodie Sweetin (plays Stephanie Tanner on Full House)
Shawn Wayans (one of the Wayans brothers)
Desi Arnaz (son of Lucille Ball)
Paula Dean (food network star)
Edgar Allan Poe (author and poet)
Robert E. Lee (general in the U.S. civil war)
Just to name a few...

My husband and I paid off our car today. THAT felt so good. Not to mention that in 2 months our second house will be paid off. I have a little something to say to all of the people that told me that I wouldnt amount to anything or get anywhere in my life....
So here is an interesting fact for ya: Kodak declared bankruptcy today. The film company is 131 years old. The American legend had tried a number of turnaround strategies and cost-cutting efforts in recent years, but the company — which since 2004 has reported only one full year of profit — ran short of cash.

I found another cool tattoo today. Lets see if you can spot why this tattoo is so cool...
If you guys watch my YouTube channel (AmberHines7) you might have seen the video that I made about my tattoo tour. I have five of them right now but with all the tattoo video making and putting photos up of them on my blog, I think I might be nesting for a new tattoo. Weeeee did pay off the car today. That means no car payment next month. THAT means...... who am I kidding. THAT means more money to pay off other debts that we have. Maybe some day when I am rich (insert rolling eyes) I will get another one. I have one in mind and I am pretty excited about it. I need to get my mother in law into a shop sometime and encourage her to get that tattoo she has been wanting. Shout out to Glenda!!! Letters of encouragement for Glenda to get this tattoo she has been wanting can be sent to                       Glenda c/o Amber's Mother in Law
                                                                                P.O. Box just kidding....
Anyways, I am getting myself side tracked by watching Ralphie May...
He is sooooo funny. So I am going to go ahead and call it a night. I hope everyone has an amazing Friday tomorrow! I am going to take the weekend off so no blogs this weekend. Have a great weekend and I look forward to you reading my blog on Monday.

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