Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Its Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone.
Today was a really good day. I had all five of the kids at home with me today. We all had a great day. We started off the day with a giant pancake breakfast. The kids each had 3 or 4 pancakes. I was amazed because that is a lot of pancakes for little kids, I guess they enjoyed them.
While the kids were eating breakfast, I slipped off to take my shower. Then I did the breakfast dishes. After that the kids played for a little bit and I got the turkey that we had for dinner ready to get into the oven. (That was the best turkey I have ever made).
The meat came right off the bone. It was so good. We had to feed all 7 of us and I had a turkey in the freezer that I got around Christmas time so I figured what better then a turkey to feed everyone.
Then the kids and I played for a little bit before we headed off to Burger King for lunch with my mom and the day care babies. I love seeing those kids. They are so fun and my kids had a great time playing with them.

After we got home from having lunch we all did a craft project. This one was really fun to do. I have always liked doing things with the kids' hand prints. I have a wall with our youngests hand prints from the time she was a year old up until she was three. We did her hand prints everytime that she came to visit us for two years. It was kind of neat to see her little hands grow. Anyways, here is the project that we did.

So cute and its in a shadow box. The kids colored on their own "hands". Now I just need to find a place on the wall to hang it.
After we did our project, the kids played for a little bit while I did some laundry and some more dishes. I tend to dirty a lot of dishes when I am preparing dinner. Then after doing some odd and end jobs around the house it was time for dinner. Did the dishes after dinner, got all 5 kids' showers done, and got them in bed. There is some laundry in the washing machine but I am going to declair my day, complete. It was overall a really good day.

My mini me goes home tomorrow morning. It has been nice having her here. She has been such a good helper. Its always hard to see her leave. I am going to miss her. Grandma and Grandpa are taking both girls with them and the boys are going to be in school so I will be home all by myself again. Guess I will be filming some more youtube videos.  I like to do that when I am here by myself because there is noone here to laugh at me.

Ok everyone, I am going to call it a night. Have a great day tomorrow.

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