Saturday, January 14, 2012

I love Saturdays

Happy Saturday everyone!
I just love Saturdays. Its the day to relax, kick up your feet, and do nothing which is pretty much what we did today.
 Tonight we had a great dinner. It was a lovely fillet mignon with a side of loaded mashed potatoes. I added some cheese, scallions and some sour cream to my mashed potatoes. It was a fantastic meal though thats for sure.
Speaking of sour cream, here is a story from back in the day. When my middle son was born he used to cry A LOT. I used to hold him in my arms and try to sooth him and he always seamed to perk up when the Daisy Sour Cream commercial came on. Click the link below to see the commercial.

So when that commercial came on I would dance around with him in my arms and it was the funnest thing to do. He just loved it and I sure did love it too. I was just thinking about that because the sour cream that I used in my mashed potatoes was Daisy Sour Cream. It funny sometimes what you can look at and be reminded of neat little things like that.
So, I posted before about my laptop kicking the bucket. Come to find out the hard drive did not crash and we just wiped the system clean, added some new stuff, waved the magic wand and poof!!! It worked again. Its actually pretty neat. So we have a happy laptop and a happy Amber which is always a great combination.
Well, I hope everyone has a great Sunday. Sunday is another perfect day to do nothing by the way.

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