Friday, January 27, 2012

Its finally Friday!!!

HAPPY Friday everyone!!! Thank goodness the weekend is here, and not a moment to soon.
I hope you all had a piece of Chocolate Cake today because it is Chocolate Cake day!!!
So I was at the store today and I could not believe the price of Organic milk. OMG!! I actually was stopped in my tracks.
So have you guys seen Drew Carey lately? Oh lah lah. He looks great. Proper diet, avoiding carbs, and exercise were what he attributed to his 80 pound weight loss.

I stopped into the lab today (the place that I was helping out at before I hurt my foot) to see if I could get my W2. While I was there I went back and looked at my old workspace and I was pleased to see that is being put to use. My poor little space is full of stuff. It gave the space some character though.
The photo on the left shows the box of pasta salad that I currently have in my house. The photo on the right shows what the design of the box looks like now a days. I think I have an antique box of pasta salad on my hands.
 So I think if there was a ditz contest I would totally win it. Ok here is the story. The kids are gone for the weekend so my husband and I decided to have a drink while we were bowling tonight. My husband comes back with a drink for himself and a Bloody Mary for me. I take a sip of my Bloody Mary and notice that he put a lot of Tabasco sauce in my drink. So I did the only logical thing and I blew on it to cool off the spice of the Tabasco.
Alrighty friends, I better get this posted so that maybe the night owls will have something to read. Have a great weekend and I will post again on Monday. I am going to spend the weekend with my sweet pea doodle face lover man. Good night everyone.

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