Thursday, January 26, 2012

Uggg, we should have just called today Monday.

I hope everyone else is having a better day then I have been having. During the day was alright but as soon as the kids got home it all went down hill. I have to say that when the kids have a bad day at school, it sure does reflect the rest of the day when they get home.
Lets see if the next picture helps.....
Mmmmm maybe a little, just because it is kind of funny.
Here is something that helps a little bit more. Taco Bell is now serving breakfast!!
The Mexican-style restaurant chain introduced a breakfast menu Thursday at almost 800 restaurants, mostly in nearly a dozen Western states. The rollout adds to the scramble among fast-food heavyweights competing for the morning allegiance of on-the-go consumers.
I got a better picture of the new puppies that were born yesterday. My husband wants the brown one and I dont want one at all. Wonder who is going to win this one, LOL.
Well, I am going to call it good. I am just not into doing this blog thing tonight. It has been one of those days and it is proving to be one of those nights as well. Have a good night everyone and I hope you have a great day tomorrow too.

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