Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What a day.

Happy Tuesday everyone.
You know those days when you just have one thing to do and that one thing turns into 12 things? That was the kind of day that I had today. On the bright side, I got tons of stuff done today that I was going to wait until later in the week to do. Makes things easier for me later.
Today I said good-bye to my little green mini van. I finally sent it off to the junk yard. They came and got it when I was not home so that made it easier to let it go. I didnt have to see them take the car.
                                                                   ~R.I.P. little van~
Speaking of cars, we went and saw our new twins today. I call them the twins because we got them both on the same day, I know, I am a dork. With our new cars comes a new driveway. We are hoping to get a new driveway put in soon. My Suburban is so long that I am afraid that if we park it in front of our house, the back end will get hit. So, a new driveway is in the works. We still have a week or so until the cars are ready to come home so we took the kids by the cars and let them see what they look like since they didnt go with us yesterday to pick them out. They are so excited to ride in the cars.
So..... can you see the skull in this picture?
You might have too look at it a little bit smaller or move back to see it a little better. I thought it was kind of neat and wanted to share it with you guys.

*The largest Spider web was found in Madagascar. It was 75 feet wide.
*In 2010  scientists found a beaver dam that is 2,800 feet long and can be seen from space.
*The largest bald eagles best measures in at 9.5 feet across and weights more then 2 tons.
*The biggest non-profit organizations have the most to gain from being on Twitter. PBS currently
  has 935,020 followers.

So as you guys know (because you all watch my Youtube videos, right) I love freestufftimes.com.
 I came home from running around today and found a box on my front porch. I opened it and inside was 25 childrens toothbrushes and 25 kids sized toothpastes. Colgate and freestufftimes.com sent me all of these toothbrushes, how nice of them. Also inside was booklets to teach the kids how to properly brush their teeth as they lose their teeth, a DVD to show them the proper way to brush their teeth, and a poster to hand in the bathroom to refer to when brushing their teeth. Soooo cool!!!!
Well my peeps, I am going to call this post complete and get on with my night. I hope you all have a great Wednesday and remember, come voting time vote for Newt. Keep that Romney butthead out of the White House. I look forward to your letters.
Have a good night everyone!!

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