Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why.....hello there.

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!! And welcome to post number 75!!!
Ok so I want to tell you all about this web site that I discovered (a.k.a. saw it on Turbo Tax). Its called and its this awesome budget web site. You guys should check it out. Its pretty awesome.
So here is a house that was built in Japan..... go figure.
Here is another one that I found in Poland. Must have been a trend or something.
So here is the funniest quote I have heard all day.... JOE: " I will be happier then...a.. ah, happy.....pig when we get to bring the cars home". That would have to look something like this.
Speaking of pig and Joe (no pun intended), he has been wanting to try that new BBQ place next to the free clinic (that last part alone should be a big indication as to why I dont wanna go there).
Not that there is anything wrong with a free clinic and I thank God that we have one in our town, I have had to use it before. But the whole BBQ joint next to the free clinic sounds bad. Anyways, its my blog, if ya cant kick back and he silly then go find something else to do. Back to pig and Joe, this is what Happy Pig-Joe-and BBQ all wrapped into one would be like.
And here is a picture that I made today......
I can not wait to get these new cars home!!! Valentines Day is the day!!! Maybe its Karma because I used to say that Valentines Day is the dumbest day of the year. Little cupid trying to change my mind about Valentines Day. Ya never know.
Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

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