Monday, February 13, 2012

Did someone say "Monday"?

As stated before, Monday is the most disliked day of the week. Mostly because we all have to get back into the grind of the work week and no one really wants to head back to work after the weekend.  So here is a cute picture to cheer you up on this Monday evening.
So we were supposed to be getting our tax return tomorrow but due to the delay it has been set to hit my bank account on Wednesday. Apparently the delay is due to a crash at the IRS refund center last week. Most peoples refunds are being delayed by a day. I can handle a day, at least its not a week. It just means that we have to wait an extra day to get our cars, but as they say, good things come to those who wait.
Who agrees with me that this is the coolest bath tub in the world? I would soak in this thing all day and all night. Think of how wrinkly my fingers and toes would be, LOL.
I think my cat Aundrey might be a vampire. He doesnt like the light so much. This is what he looks like when the light is on and he is trying to sleep. SO.DANG.CUTE!!
For those of you who are blind or not here in my city, the past couple days we have gotten some snow. I keep telling my husband that we need to get some sleds so that we can go sledding. We will have a car with four wheel drive soon and I think it would be fun to take the kids up to the mountains and go sledding. Who wouldnt want to play in this stuff? Here is a view from my front window.
Thats all I have folks. I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow. I know that I am going to have to find tons of stuff to do tomorrow so that it goes by faster. Note to self. It has been 2 1/2 months since I have had a car.....I am so ready to finally have a car. Have a good night.

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