Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Happy last day of the weekend everybody. I hope you all had a great weekend!!
This week coming up is just full of numbers so lets get right into it. I checked the IRS website today (dont give me that look, I held on for a long time), it says that our refund is set to be into our bank account a day later then it was supposed to so now we are back to still having two days to go until we get our cars.
Tonight I was able to get all of my homework for next week done. Well except for one assignment in one class but that assignment is locked so I cant attempt to do the paper until tomorrow morning. This is a really good thing. All of this weeks assignments are due today and I was able to turn in all but one assignment for next weeks classes. That means that I will have about 30 minutes worth of class this whole week and I will be done for the week. Then the week after that is finals, then I move on to two new classes. So when you take away all the gibberish I just said, there are two more weeks until finals.
My mini me has a long weekend from school so she will be here in 3 days and she will stay for 5 days. These kids are so lucky. From the sounds of it, she will have 5 days off of school this month and then next month she will get another 5 days off of school for spring break. I never had that many days off of school when I was younger. It felt like I was ALWAYS at school. Moral of this story.... my mini me will be here in 3 days
As stated before, the husband and I will be going on vacation this year to the lovely Las Vegas, Nevada. We will be there for 8 days and we will be hitting the road in 26 days.
Since this blog is all about numbers I thought I would share "a cute" little picture with you that pertains to math and numbers

Well folks, thats all I have for tonight. I am going to sit back and enjoy what is left of the weekend. Have a great night and let all unite and demand a great Monday, LOL.  See ya later guys.

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