Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Hump Day!!

Hello everyone and Happy Hump Day/ Wednesday/ Leap Day. For those of you who are not sure what Leap Day actually is.....
Although most years of the modern calendar have 365 days, a complete revolution around the sun takes approximately 365 days and 6 hours. Every four years, during which an extra 24 hours have accumulated, one extra day is added to keep the count coordinated with the sun's apparent position.
I made a new video today and it was about the great deal that I got at Wal-Mart today. I will post the link to the video below. In the mean time, I was able to get 6 pairs of shoes for $18. I added the price of all the shoes together and totalled up what the price would have been, $89.48. Thats a $71.48 savings, yes please.
I had to take my son to get his blood drawn today. He did so good. He said that it hurt a little bit when they put the needle in but after that it didnt hurt at all. They even let him push the easy button after he was done. It made him giggle (a lot) when he pushed the button and it said "that was easy". It was good to see that it didnt hurt him to bad. Such a brave little guy.

Here is another photo the I came across that I thought was pretty funny. Seams to make sense to me.
OHHHHHH!!!! I also wanted to mention that the Suburban started right up this morning,Yippy. I am going to annouce (without cursing myself) that the Suburban is fixed. The breaks are working great and the car is running great (insert me knocking on wood). It really is a good car and I am so glad that I got it. Will I ever by another car from Quality Auto City again, not a chance. Eventhough I got a good car we have had to dump at least a grand more into these cars to get them to a safe enough point to be able to drive. I know that you take that risk when you buy a used car but really.... Quality Auto will only screw me over once.
Alrighty, this the part were I say that I am calling it a night. I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday tomorrow. Nine days till Vegas!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good one everybody!!

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