Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Monday!!

Well hello there,
Wow it has been a while since I have typed up my blog. Just been one busy body but have no fear, for I am here.
Some of you have been asking me about an update on how we like or dislike our cars. I think I can say that we both love our cars. My husbands car is at the doctor right now getting some updates but should be good to go tomorrow.  Then my car goes in for some new tires and a break job. Things like this are to be expected though when you buy used cars. We are not complaining at all because we are so lucky to have what we have.
                                                                      (good question)
I was in the shower the other day and noticed that a diamond from my wedding band is missing. I am not what some people call OCD but I will say that it is driving me nuts!! I find myself looking at the floor hoping to spot it and avoiding vacuuming the floor because I know if I do that then it will be gone forever (as if in reality it isnt already).

Well, its finals week at school this week. Another thing that I am dreading. One class I have a final project AND a final test. Next week I will have a new set of classes. My classes are usually 8-11 weeks long which I dont think is long enough. Just when you start getting used to the class it is time to move on. Oh well, guess you cant get to the career if you dont get threw the classes.
And mom, if you want to take this as a hint you are more then welcome to do so :)
Speaking of school, I am hoping that Spring Break is during the week that I am in Vegas. It would make it a whole lot easier for me to not have to worry about getting school work done in the middle of my vacation. Nothing puts a damper on a Las Vegas vacation then having to sober up so that you can do some school work, yuck!
This one made me giggle when I saw it. Its one of those things that owls might think if you asked about a tootsie pop. In reality, they dont care.
 And a word of advice for all of you men who are single and still cant figure out why. This is me throwing you a bone and letting you in on a little secret. Woman are pretty much unglorified private investigators. And just when you think we have no idea, trust me, we already know and are just saving it for a low blow when you piss us off.

So, thats all I have. The kids are headed to bed so I am going to sign off of here and see what other trouble I can cause. Tee hee hee. Have a great night everyone. I hope you have a great day tomorrow as well.

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