Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Monday, lah lahhhhhh

Well hello there folks, its Monday and I am back in business. Today was an emotional up and down day. It started off good and then I checked the status of my tax refund.... (insert scary music). Since Sunday I had been getting some kind of error message that said that they couldnt give me any information on my refund. I decided to brave the storm and call the IRS to see what this message meant. THAT is when it started. They tried to tell me that my taxes had not yet been filed. WHAT!?!?!? My taxes were filed and accepted last month!! After 66 minutes of trying to figure out what was going on, we fixed the glitch and everything worked out. Taxes should be here on time.
So as long as everything goes well, we have 7 days until we get our cars. This has been the longest wait. I am sure that in a month from now I will feel silly for being so excited but this but until then, I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!
OH, I got a new phone today. Its the LG Revolution and I pretty much love it. I hesitated getting it because I am not to fond of touch screens and this one is all touch screen. Turns out, its not half bad. Since we have Netflix at our house, I am able to watch Netflix on my phone as well. That should be good for when we are at the bowling alley or on the road. The kids can watch Netflix on my phone. All new things are pretty fun so I will update later about the phone and see if I still feel the same way about it, LOL.

<---- This does not make me happy!! We need more votes for my guy Newt!! Romney just rubs me the wrong way.

Well guys, I am going to call it good for the night. I need to get off of here so that I can finish eating my dinner. We are having Qdoba since we didnt end up having it the other night. I hope you all have a great day tomorrow!!

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