Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What to say about Tuesdays

Happy Tuesday my friends. Today was a pretty mediocre day. I am trying to find things to keep me busy so that the days go by faster. Why you might ask, because in 6 days we get our cars!!!!!
I went to visit the cars today. Not because I am obsessed but because one of my friends that was looking out for me said that she thought there was something wrong with my car and she wanted to let me know about it. So I went down there to check it out. Turns out everything is fine but that just goes to show what awesome friends I have. Thanks for looking out for me Kim.
So last night I somehow spilled my husbands pop (soda for those of you who dont know what pop is). Here is how it happened. His pop was sitting on the night stand. I bumped into it and knocked it over. Picked it up, upside down and set it back on the night stand, still upside down. Tried to turn it over and dropped it on top of my Coach purse. Put it back up on the night stand, upside down again. Then turned it over and set it on the night stand the right way. Went to get a towel to wipe it up and grabbed the most nonabsorbent towel that we have and in turn ended up pushing all of the pop from on the night stand down onto my Coach purse, again. All in a mater of about 30 seconds. That was the worst 30 seconds of my life!! What was my husband doing this whole time? Standing behind me laughing, gezz. At least I didnt do this though.

Lets talk about the great bacon debate. How do you like your bacon cooked? Just a little or really crispy? I like my bacon limp and not crispy at all. Same with everyone in my family. We all enjoy slightly undercooked bacon. I think it has more flavor when it isnt cooked to a crisp.
I have to agree, why? Cant you just walk up to the door. Why would you need a car?
Have a good night everyone!!!

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