Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday :(

Hello everyone, Sunday is here and that means that the weekend is over. What a great weekend it was though. Saturday was a great day. My hubby and I went out of town which was just what we needed. First we went to TJmaxx then we wondered over to Ross. We picked up some great things at both places. Then we went to have some lunch before headed off to see what the Goodwill had to offer (note to self: support your local goodwill, it goes to a good cause). After that we went and walked around the mall for a little while then headed to Sam's Club. My husband and I came official member of Sam's Club. I havent been in a club since I was in elementary school, but I have never been more excited to shop in bulk at my own free will ever before in my life. After we got our shopping done we were headed out of town when we spotted a Verizon store. Since we have gotten back from Vegas my phone has been acting up so I took it there to see if they could fix it.....
Remember last week when I posted about how I got a Jabra? Its my hands free bluetooth for my car. Well we found another one that is called a Motorola Roadster. This thing is the Cadillac of hands free. Its going to be awesome. (Funny story: I was telling my husband how to use my old one since I gave that one to him and kept the new one ~old one as in the old one I got last week~ I told him that to make a hands free call you had to hit the phone button two times. I did just that and it called the police. Oopsy.) Here is what my new handsfree bluetooth for my car looks like.

Today was more of a laid back kind of day. We got some house work done and went shopping. We got tons of food yesterday but I honestly didnt feel that I needed a case of noodles or a case of salad or a case of (you get the idea), so we had to go to the store today to get some side dishes. While I was at the store I spotted an oxymoron (gotta love my eagle eyes). Here it is, mini king sized Rolo's...
Ever seen a car with eyelashes? I have.... this is one of the cutest things I have seen in a long time. I would NEVER put these on my car but it looks so cute on this one. I had heard of these before because my friend Jenna Marbles (youtube friend) has them on her car but this was the first time I had seen them in person. To cute!!
and finally, here is tonights pun on gas prices....
The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. ~ Thomas Paine
Have a great Monday tomorrow everyone.

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