Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello Mr. Tuesday!!!

Thank goodness that today was much better then yesterday!!! Oh.... and welcome to post number 115!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to say thank you to everyone that reads my blog everyday. You guys are the reason why I keep writing these. I love to tell people about things, including my day. I live in a house with four guys/boys and sometimes it fells good to just sit here and share my day with my readers. You guys are awesome.
Sooo, what did I do today? Lets see, I sat and watched some television as I waited to the little one to wake up. I waited on her for about 30 minutes then went and woke her up, I got a little board. We had breakfast together and then took our time getting ready for the day. Then we did some laundry, read a book, and played for a little bit before we went to get another kido for his appointment. While we waited for him to get done, we did what any normal ladies would do and we went shopping. We had to get the little one some clothes because she has grown a lot since the last time we bought her clothes. We had a good time and I think that I got her addicted to Maurices, oops.
After the appointment we came home. Got here just in time to meet the other kids getting home from school. We worked on finishing laundry, getting homework done and starting our amazing dinner that we had tonigh. DINNER.....sure was some good eats. I had gotten a coupon in last Sundays newspaper for a ham so I got it. It was a fully cooked ham but I put it in the rotisserie for an hour and a half and then poured the honey glaze over it. Each kid came to me and said that dinner smelled so good. It didnt taste half bad either. Here is what it looked like before we devoured it (but made sure to put half of it in the freezer for ham and cheese sandwiches later).
The saying goes, "you cant fix stupid". I found a really good photo that goes with that saying.........

I think I got my nails done about two weeks ago (tomorrow) and boy do they need some upkeep. I take vitamins everyday and it sure does make my nails grow fast.  I keep thinking that on payday I need to get these suckers taken care of.  For those of you that didnt see my posts on Facebook while I was in Vegas, i got my nails done with my friend Melinda at a little place called Polished Nails. They did a fantastic job and I wish I could go back there to have them clean my nails up. Maybe next year when we go back to Vegas for vacation (because I already told my husband that we ARE going back next year). Makes me think that we should have taken those deals we were offered for free rooms as long as we went back within a year, oh well, you live and you learn.
Alrighty friends, I think I am going to go. Kids are in bed and I need to catch up on some Slingo and Slots. Have a good night and we will see ya in the next blog.....OH!!!!!! I think I am going to post my new video tomorrow. I hope you are excited!!!! Have a good night!!

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