Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vegas fun!!

Well hello everyone
My husband and I made it Vegas
It took us a solid 12 hours to get here but we made it
I am going to keep this blog short and sweet but I did want to share
some pictures with you guys that I took today when we went for a short walk
in a couple of casinos
The first thing that we did (after we walked 400 miles from where we parked the car)
was walk around the Paris hotel (also known as Bally's)
That place is OUT OF CONTROL!!! A person could get lost in there.
After the long drive and with all of that walking we decided that we needed a pick-me-up,
so we got some yummy coffee. I love Starbucks!!!
After we walked around the Paris hotel we walked over to Planet Hollywood.
Tomorrow night we are going to see a show there so we decided that it would
be a good idea to find out where the theatre is ahead of time. It will make
it easier to find it tomorrow. I sure am glad that we did because I thing it would have
taken forever to find it.
After a quick walk around Plant Hollywood, we headed to get some dinner.

It has been a very long day so we are turning in early tonight.
I usually end my posts with a photo of a bear that says "Good Night" but tonight
I am going to change it up. I think this fits the occassion. Have a good night everyone!!!

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