Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Thursday!!

Hello everyone and happy Thursday. I love Thursdays because that means that Friday is right around the corner. So this morning we got up and took the Suburban in to get fixed. As I mentioned before, the starter motor was bad on it and so I had to get that replaced. The whole time we thought (but didnt know for sure) that it there was a pull on the battery because everytime we would "jump start" it, it would start up. I guess it really had nothing to do with the battery and instead it was the process of turning the key over and wating for the starter to engage (whatever all that means). Here is what the first Suburban looked like.
After we took the car to the shop I went and got a Mystic Tan. OMG, those things are amazing! For those of you who dont know what a Mystic Tan is, its a spray tan that you get done at the tanning salon. You go into a both either naked or with a swim suit on and stand in a funny position while the machine sprays you down. It takes about 1 minute to do which is cool because you can go in with a tan and litterally come out five minutes later with a tan. Ok, so I guess it takes four to six hours for the tan to develop all the way but I started seeing results nearly an hour after I got it done. Now my skin is pretty and tan and I love it.
After the tan we went and picked up one of the kids from school who was having a hard day. We then came home to do some chores around the house and I filmed a youtube video about my tanning experience (keep an eye out for that one soon, I still have to edit it). Right after I was done with filming the video I saw a man in a UPS uniform walking up to my door with an amazing little box.....
(I love Sephora)

After I went threw the goodies in my box, we left to get some stuff for dinner. Which brings me to my next fact, Montecristos are amazing!! If you have never had one, you are missing out. They are soooo yummy, and filling. I have some people in my house that could (hypathetically) eat a horse and one Montecristo filled each one of them up. I was shocked. They can be made many different ways however I make mine with french toast, bacon, turkey, and pepperjack cheese with a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top (and sometimes some strawberry jelly drizzled on top).

After we went to get things for dinner we came home and waited for the other kids to get home from school. Got some homework and some more housework done. Then it was time for dinner. We ate dinner cleaned up and here we are. Pretty interesting day, NOT. lol

Here is tonights pun on gas prices...

Thats it everyone. I hope you all have a great Friday and for those of you that have a three day weekend (lucky bastards) enjoy your extra day off.

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