Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hello everyone,
I was not going to do a blog today because I didnt really do anything fun today. Just the same ol' housework here and there and ran my errands. Weeeellll, I did finally figure out what is going on with my Suburban after 2 months of having it repeatedly checked. My starter motor is going out. So I am getting that replaced in the morning, yeah for more money being dumped into my car. I guess if it lasts even 5 more years, it will be worth it. Lets hope they will put the fuses back in so that I can have my cd player back. I have been listening to music on the DVD player in the car and that is getting pretty old right about 2 MONTHS AGO!!! Here is the part that has been giving me hell the whole time.
As I was saying, I wasnt going to do a blog tonight but I came across this amazing eye make up style. This is an advertisment for Burger King that has not yet been released (you saw it here first). This is due to come out in the Netherlands first and we will see it later. (Its good to be a beauty insider, LOL). For those of you who cant see it, its a hamburger...... see it now? Bun, lettuce, cheese, ketchup, meat?? Isnt that the oddest/neatest thing you have ever seen?

Here is tonights pun on rising gas prices. I am the one in the big car, my husband is the one in the little car, LOL...

Thats all, I just wanted to share that stuff with you. Dont forget to check out my new video that I posted today. Click here to see my new video .  I hope you all have a great day tomorrow and enjoy thing beautiful weather.

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