Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello friends

Hello everyone!!!
Welcome to post number 130!!!!

I had no time to write a blog earlier today so I am taking the time to sit and write one up right now. Not to much happened today but I still wanted to type up a blog to let everyone know that I am still here.
As I mentioned on my facebook, I am going to change the way that I do my blogs. I think that I am going to try to post a few small blogs during the day instead of one big one at night time. This is because there are thing that I want to share with you guys during the day instead of waiting at night time to do it.
Also, its not to fun to find out about things that are happening during the day if I have to wait until the night time to tell you. For example, today is National Quilting Day and Submarine Day. How are we supposed to celebrate these days if we dont know about them until the end of the day? ((dont know))

So the word in our house today is Tattoo, probably because we are watching the new episode of Best Ink. My husband and I have always been into tattoos. I got my first one when I was 19 years old and it is of my oldest sons name. I was all over from there, I was in love with tattoos. To see all of my tattoos, check out this video...

I have been thinking about my next tattoo and I have come up with an idea. I am thinking that I want to get five little shooting stars with each shooting star representing my children. Why shooting stars? Because shooting stars and special and rare. People make wishes on shooting stars and they always bring a smile to peoples faces, much like my children do for me.
I got to have lunch again today with my mom and daycare babies (my husband joined us a little later for lunch). I always love spending time with my mom and her daycare babies (and my husband too of course), those babies are the sweetest kidos EVER!! After lunch I came home and did some laundry. I was putting the washed clothes into the dryer when I found it!!! A bright shiny quarter!! I love finding change in the washing machine. One time I found enough change in the washing machine; over a matter of a few months, to be able to wash my car. To put it bluntly, its like they are paying me to do their laundry because I am a firm believer and teacher of the phrase "finders keepers, losers weepers".
After I did the laundry I went and got my son from school so that  I could take him to his appointment. We had a really good talk while in the appointment and got some things taken care of. I have to say that I walked out of that appointment feeling a little bit better about myself. I am a VERY strict parent and for that my children tend to like me less (note: I said LIKE me less, I never doubt that my children LOVE me). Without getting into detail about the situation... my son warmed my heart once again today when he assured me in his own little way that he loves me and that I am doing a good job at being his mom. Anyways......... after the appointment we came home and carried on as people normally do, after school snack, homework, chit chat, dinner, shower, relax, then bed time (for the kids).... this is when my husband and I spend our time doing our own thing (which generally ends up with us relaxing and catching up on stuff we have to do). This........... my blog.

Ok so please tell me that I am not the only person on earth that thinks this hair style is just amazing!! Would I wear my hair that way? Hell no, but this chick pulls it off pretty well.
Thats if friends, tonight instead of the goodnight teddy bear, I leave you with tonights pun on gas prices.....

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